Cubase 13 Pro: Re-routing multiple MIDI Tracks causes another problem

Ok, I select a couple of midi tracks. Each one is assigned to a different channel. Say 1, 2, 3… Now I want to change the output routing from one external midi device to another using <Shift + Option + Click>. The output of each track is now assigned to another midi device. But each track has been assigned to the same channel number. Like this: 1, 1, 1.

How can I prevent this from happening?

I have upgraded to C13Pro from C10.5Pro where this operation did never change the original channel assignment of any individual track

Maybe it has something to do with these new midi channel groups. Is there any way to get rid of them?

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Just adding that performing the above steps retains MIDI Channel settings in Cubase 12, so it must be new in 13.


Yes, this is new in Cubase 13.

Isn’t it only Alt+click on this case (just guessing, In not with Cubase at this moment).

In Cubase 12 Pro it is Shift + Alt.

Yes it is Shift+Alt but since I’m using a german keyboard this is what the square shaped help “bubble” :slight_smile: has been showing me since forever on many different computers. In fact I’m always pressing the Shift + Alt buttons. So that’s not the rub.