Cubase 13 Pro tempo change after project is created

I have Cubase 13 Pro on MacBook Pro M1 and I imported audio (the beat) and recorded vocals before knowing the tempo of this song. So I began the project at the default 120 BPM, I will be using echos and maybe some MIDI as well in this project and have since found out it is 95 BPM-and want to set it as that. If I try changing the tempo now within the project (of course) everything is sloooow and off. If I use the “Set definition tempo” the beat (which is audio not MIDI events) is on point, but the singing is off and comes in waaay later aftter the intro event. Again after the intro event on the same track of the vocals, all audio that follows, are pushed to be waaaay later (although they seem to be in the correct BPM). If I have to align all of them individually Ill be here forever. PLEASE HELP!

Start again with a new project, set to the correct tempo;
Add your audio;
Import any MIDI tracks etc from the old project.

Never done this myself so no idea if this would work!

I’ll try again but that didn’t work the first time -set the project at 95 and all the audio was slowed down if I remember correctly. Going to check right now. Thank you for the input!