Cubase 13 Pro: The selected track types cannot be exported!

I’m trying to export all the tracks of a cubase projects, but I get the error message:
“The selected track types cannot be exported!”

However, the Cubase 13 Pro documentation does not enumerate any track types that are off-limit.

Which track types can’t be exported? Is there a way to unselect them automatically?


How do you export the tracks, please? What kind of export do you mean?

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Exporting the tracks as track archive, selecting all tracks, then File / Export / Selected Tracks


What kind of tracks do you have in your project, please?

Mostly MIDI tracks, instrument tracks, track folders, a signature track, a tempo track.

This excerpt from the manual may help?

Chord, signature, and tempo tracks:

If you import chord, signature, or tempo tracks, existing track versions in the active project are maintained.

Note: Signature and tempo tracks can only be imported if Bars+Beats is selected as Primary Time Format on the Project window toolbar or the Transport Bar.
If you select a signature track for import, Cursor Position cannot be selected in the Import Options dialog.

@farfaraway This thread is about Exporting tracks, not importing.

oops! Sorry.