Cubase 13 pro VST Instruments maxing out CPU Problem

I recently upgraded to Cubase 13 pro.

I am havig issues with cubase vst instruments that demand a lot of cpu.

My setup as follow:
AMD ryzen 7 4700u 8core processor with 16GB ram
RME babyface pro fs
Sample rate is 96khz (yes I know, its overkill and perhaps the reason, Im creating projects in 96khz as an experiment)
Buffer size 512 samples

I really notice the problem when I use ‘The Verve’ vst’s with multi layers, it maxes out very fast.

Will I need to upgrade my ram to 32gb to handle the cpu load at 96khz?

If I work if 48Khz will it solve this problem?

Are there any other solutions that might solve the issue?

Dropping down to 48khz will help a lot with real time performance as you are cutting the amount of audio data to DAW in half, and that’s significant. You can always kick up the sample rate a later time for a final render.

I second the suggestion to dropping to 48 kHz. All you’re doing is wasting half of your resources to record frequencies way above what humans can hear (I know there can be obscure wavefolding issues with some plugins where 96 kHz may provide some relief but chances are those things get masked in the mix anyway).

Also, I routinely freeze tracks (both the VST instruments and insert effects) once they settle down (i.e. after the tracks only rarely require changes). It’s so easy to do with the freeze/unfreeze buttons, and will dramatically free up CPU.

Thanks, will switch downt to 48khz.

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Thanks for the advice and suggestions. I didn’t know about freezing. I will give this a try and see how it goes.


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Between those two things, you should be able to make even the most complex projects run just fine. Good luck!

Just out of curiosity, what system would one need to be able to handle complex projects in 96khz? I have noticed more cpu spiking since I upgraded to 13 pro from 12 pro. One of the projects Im working on has the following tracks:
4 acoustic guitar
2 vocal
4 decent sampler
1 CS-80 V4 (vst synth) - this one is causing cpu spikes

Is there potentially bugs that need ironing out?