Cubase 13 pro VSTs suddenly cause BAD performance

So Cubase 13 pro has been running great on my custom built Windows PC. Then yesterday it started. When I select a track with virtual instrument on it my Asio guard maxes out and cpu audio performance meter goes through the roof making the audio slow down and the dreaded cracks and pops of computer meltdown start. When I deselect it by selecting an audio track the cpu goes back to normal. Basically I can’t select a VST track to tweak plugins while the project is running. I may have like 3 vst instruments running at the same time, nothing crazy, and I’ve never seen this before. Running 64 bit projects at 48khz. Buffer size on my UA volt usb-c interface is 2048. Asio guard is on high and Steinberg power scheme is enabled. Custom built PC. Windows 11 pro, Intel i9 13th Gen processor, 24 cores, DDR4 32gb ram, 2tb ssd, Asus MB Prime motherboard, Asus GT 730 graphic card, liquid cooling. Like I said ran great until yesterday. Nothing new installed just came out of nowhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

LatencyMon is probably your best friend, at this point. I would suggest to download, install and let it run for a while, before posting back a screnshot of the results.

Everything seems perfect, written as you did, but actually it’s not the case, so…

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Thanks so much. I will try that!

So I actually went through my third party vst’s and found a few freebies that were registering high memory. I also recently bought Hollywood Choirs Diamond and it looked suspicious so I did a clean install of that and deleted a few freebies and presto! All is well. Thanks for the tip!

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Immediately after my last post it started again. I will run Latencymon and post back after testing.

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