Cubase 13 Pro (Win11): Crackling when changing tracks and ASIO-Guard enabled

Unfortunately, Cubase 13 Pro produces dropouts/crackling noises when I change tracks and the ASIO Guard is activated. Next problem: Sometimes individual tracks are no longer in sync and suddenly too fast or too slow, or LFO’s in plugins are no longer in sync until everything returns to normal after a few runs.

Does anyone know of the timing problems described above?

The problems do not occur under Cubase 12 Pro, Bitwig 5.1, Studio One 6.5, Ableton Live 11 and FL Studio 21. So it is a Cubase 13 Pro specific problem.

By the way: Unfortunately, I also suddenly have severe CPU spikes again and again, even though there is almost no CPU load (CPU: Ryzen 5950X).

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Problem still persists.

Are you running multithreading? if so as a test try disabling it leaving off Asio guard. From my understand Asio Guard and Multithreading/Hyperthreading go hand in hand. If your problem goes away after disabling multi-threading then Steinberg may well have a problem with the Asio guard and certian CPU’s.

Thank you.

Like I said, when ASIO Guard is turned off, everything is o.k. When multi-processing is turned off, ASIO Guard is not available / turned off. Means: No dropouts, but of course much higher CPU load, which is not an option. But is seems to be a problem with multithreading caused by the interaction with the GUI and what’s going on under the hood.