cubase 13 quantize panel

Hello, is there a problem with Quantize panel in Cubase 13 - drag and drop audio function - to me not work

hello studio_1000

The Quantize panel work just fine for me. So does the drag and drop audio function.

I have no idea what you are trying to do or how you do it. You need to be more specific.

there are plenty of videos on Youtube on the matter.
HOW TO QUANTIZE AUDIO | Quick Tip Cubase 13 (
THIS is how PROS fix the tempo of ANY recording! Not what you think! (

if you have specific problem, maybe look into how to submit a bug report - or just be more specific and I am sure someone have a few ideas on how to help you right here on the forum

Welcome, glennloopez - Thank you, but this does not happen. I have been using this feature for a while, but I stopped with the new version update. I have tried various methods to no avail, but that is okay. I am waiting for support. Perhaps I also have a problem in Windows.