Cubase 13 quit behavior

I noticed that when I quit Cubase 13, its UI elements will disappear, but the Cubase process (visible in the Windows task manager) will hang around for a little while (maybe 20 seconds or so) until Cubase actually quits and the Cubase process disappears.

So now I need to pull up Task Manager after “quitting” Cubase, keep an eye on that process and wait until it disappears until I can be sure that Cubase has done all of its shutdown processing (incl. writing and closing any open internal files like configuration and setting files).

I do that because I run a backup job that backs up my Cubase configuration after closing down each session, in case these config files become corrupted in the future (and I can roll back to a known good set of config files), and I don’t want to start backing up these files while Cubase still has them open/is still making changes to them during shutdown.

Not the end of the world, but it would sure be nice if some part of the Cubase UI (maybe the hub, when quitting from it) would continue to be visible until Cubase is actually fully shut down.

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