Cubase 13 quit while deleting a HALion 7 Track

Not sure if this is useful , but its happen before , Cubase 13 quit as I hit delete on a track that had HALion 7 on

Cubase 13-2024-02-22-124855.ips (440.4 KB)

Hi @grayedout

At first sight the problem seems to be with the Eucon adapter. Are you using it? Is everything up-to-date on the Eucon side?


Yes I am still using Eucon , yes everything is fully up to date , Am still chasing Avid on this but not had an updated.

I really like wish there was some communication that could be had so Avid can look into this ,

I wonder if we could have a Eucon or controller section on the forum , I seem to be getting what to me seems like random crashes in Cubase and from what I can make out is 80/90% down to Eucon . I’m trying hard to get Avid to help .

Maybe a central place here could help Avid or other 3rd party developers see what’s happening

Another C13 quit today while deleting a HALion 7 track in a very small project this time . is this also Eucon ?
I have just remove Eucon in Studio set up in C13 , I’ll see if that helps.

Cubase 13-2024-02-28-174939.ips (230.7 KB)

Eucon is not switch off and I have this crash today , while editing a sample in HALion 7
Cubase 13-2024-03-01-085045.ips (250.5 KB)

In case it’s helpful, I was working in HALion 7 and standalone, dragging samples in and out of layers and it quit on me and crashed, so it could actually be HALion 7 crashing C13
StandalonePlayer-2024-03-03-110316.ips (61.5 KB)

Hi @grayedout

Your intuition was right! It is down to HALion. I have informed the relevant persons but I’d also suggest you repost these IPS on the HALion forum.

Update: this is likely fixed in Halion 7.1


Hi Armand , Had C13 quit this Morning. started from an Empty Project just had 1x track Sines and 1 x HALion 7 , as I delete the Sine track C13 quit . I had not even recorded a note of Midi

is this also a HALion crash ?

Cubase 13-2024-03-07-104056.ips (243.9 KB)

another C13 quit while dragging a HALion Layer around

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