Cubase 13, Range in Key Editor question

Copying dynamics, articulations etc. and then pasting them to another track also pastes the note events. Is this how it’s supposed to go?


Which articulation exactly do you mean?

If it’s bind to the MIDI Note, then it should select the MIDI Note the very same way, as the Object Selection would do.

Any articulation, between identical set ups. For example, I’m trying out Iconica Sketch. I might write a line in Flute 1, which is one track, complete with articulations and dynamics (in the Articulations/Dynamics lane).

Then, I write another line in flute 2 which is another track, and want to paste articulations and dynamics there. If I do, the melodic line of flute 1 also shows up. It’s as if we have a stowaway flute. No good! No insurance, no employment contracts, we’ll get in trouble!

So, are you saying that Articulations and Dynamics are properties connected to the MIDI events, and that behaviour is expected? I don’t recall this happening with CCs for example.


What happens, if you select the Articulation Event by the Object Selection tool, please?

I haven’t tried that. I will get back to you later in the day.

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I am experiencing the same problem.
If I use the range selection tool in the Key Editor to select only articulations (direction mode), notes within the same range are also copied.
With the normal selection tool, it is possible to copy ‘articulations only’ as intended.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Would you mind to attach the Expression Map, you are using on the track, please?

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Masaharu (7.3 KB)
Please find attached the expression map files.
The files were created in Cubase 13 and Cubase 11 respectively and both cause the same ‘problem behaviour’.

It seems I can copy single articulations if they are of the Direction type with the object selection tool.

But not with the range tool. The note is copied over always. Is this how it should be?

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Thank you all for your patience. Now I can reproduce it.

Reported to Steinberg.