Cubase 13 Rendering problem

Cubase 13 only renders to a stereo file, I’ve got the latest update which I thought was supposed to correct the problem but it hasn’t. I have to load the file into Cubase 12 to separate the tracks and then import it back into Cubase 13. Does anyone else have this problem

which render are you talking about? In Cubase 13 all you have to do is press the Stereo sign on the channel in the mixer and it will convert to mono or the opposite from mono to stereo if that is what you got. That works just fine for me. if you are talking about the “render in place” you can’t convert directly there from what I can tell, that feature I guess is more for printing with plugins etc, then with the click of a button, you can convert after you have done that. So really I am not sure why you would see the need for Cubase 12 or import and exporting anything to make a mono file. Or maybe you are thinking of something else?

The render in place was what I was talking about. In Cubase 12 I can render the drum track or any VST instrument that has separate outputs and it will give me all the separate audio tracks, but in Cubase 13 it only renders to a stereo track. So you misunderstood what I meant.