Cubase 13’s new pencil tool for CC editing

Hi there,
The pencil tool for cc editing has changed in C13 - I can’t freely draw the curve anymore, any changes is somehow “latched” in a way to the prior cc point. If there a way for me to revert to a “freehand” type of editing function?

The mode for inserting new controller data is probably set to “ramp”. Either you insert a dummy event in between or you change the mode to “step”.

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Thanks Johnny- found the setting to set this. Many thanks for the prompt reply, appreciate it.

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Anyway to turn this on as a default and “return” it to the old ways? STEP seems the way to go, but I can’t seem to find a setting anywhere that makes this the default. Too much clicking around to change every time I need to pencil in an edit.

Found it:

Yes. Make the setting to “step” in your template and save that template.