Cubase 13 'Set Definition from Tempo' is faulty?

Is anyone else using this function and finding it warps/changes/stretches the audio you apply it to? Therefore ruining it…

I am also experiencing audio dropout for the clips I am using this feature on, as if the source file has been moved and Cubase can’t read it. More likely Cubase is too slow at reading the new file that is set to ‘Musical Time Base’

This is mainly when I use the function after doing a complex tempo map on audio. After selecting ‘set definition from tempo’ the audio becomes stretched, moving the beats around and therefore ruining work and making the feature unusable.

(using a very powerful Windows computer)

Grateful for any help/bug fixing!

I use this feature and haven’t had a problem with it. I just used it last week. Here are the steps I take. Perhaps this isn’t your use case.

  1. Begin with an audio file on a time based track.
  2. Using the Time Warp tool, push around ruler beats to match the audio. Two things to note here: 1) be sure the tool is set to Warp Grid and not Free Warp; 2) the ruler divisions that you can manipulate are determined by your quantize setting.
  3. Now set definition from tempo and set tracks to musical base.
  4. Everything should look and sound unchanged. The audio plays back like the original and the tempo track shows the variations (with the ruler following).
  5. Now you may edit the tempo track and the audio will follow. For instance, if you’ve done this to a drum track that varies from beat-to-beat from 100 to 120 bpm, you could delete all events in the tempo track and convert the entire performance to a fixed tempo.

I recently did something similar.
Perfect result. Not faulty.

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