Cubase 13 - Sidechain problem when duplicating tracks

Hi! I’ve encountered a problem - when I duplicate tracks with a sidechain function on them , the duplicated track isn’t getting the side-chain routing info from it’s previous track.

For example - I have a GTR track that is getting Sidechain compression from the kick channel.
when I duplicate the GTR track, a new send from the KICK to GTR (D) ISN’T being created AND the plugin on GTR (D) is in sidechain mode, yet there’s no sidechain source.
Pictures Added
Anyone know how to fix this?


This is “normal” Cubase behaviour. They probably did it because sidechain is hard-connected to Sends and those are limited to 8 per channel. It would be much better if sidechain would be separated from Sends.

Hey, thanks
I have a friend with the same version of cubase and it doesn’t happen in his software,
So im wondering if there’s a way to change preferences for it to automatically copy side chain sends?

This is interesting. This is behaviour that I have had in every version of Cubase since they introduced sidechaining.

Likewise, and that is why I was also very surprised!

I think that when you upgrade they give you the same settings of your previous version, and I started with cubase 7, but my friend started from cubase 11.5, so maybe that’s something relatively new or something.

Though it shouldn’t matter if its a new”ish” feature, only if its a “preferences” thing.

Is there a way to get in touch with tech support / software developers apart from the forum?

I have not tried but am just wondering if the option ‘Connect sends automatically for each newly created channel’ under Prefs/VST can help here?