Cubase 13 - Solo and Exclusive solo behaviour is broken?

It is for me in the mixer, but it still appears to be a issue in the arrange view.


In which scenario exactly is the Exclusive Solo not fixed, please?


What kind of tracks exactly do you use, please? Do you use an Audio tracks or an Instrument tracks? If it’s Instrument tracks, do you use multi-outs or other MIDI Tracks routed into the Instrument track, please?

I use all the above, though I don’t often use MIDI tracks routed to instrument tracks.

I’m using 13.0.30 and I’ve just tested again with two different projects. A project created in 13.0.21 doesn’t allow exclusive solo in either project or mix console. A project created in 13.0.30 doesn’t allow exclusive solo with folder tracks, but appears to work OK apart from that.

Man, THANK YOU !!!


This didn’t work in Cubase 12 either. So it’s more a feature request.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.