Cubase 13 some stock key commands overriding custom

I have always used the left/right arrow keys to navigate the cursor to go one bar forward or backward using the command “nudge ± 1 bar.” I believe the stock function for the left/right arrow keys is object selection. Half of the time I open Cubase 13, the left/right arrow keys override my custom key commands and will only respond to selecting objects. Upon checking the key commands window, it still has the arrow keys assign to “nudge 1 bar.” If I quit Cubase 13 it usually goes back to my key commands.

I’ve deleted preferences and started from scratched, uninstalled Cubase 13 and reinstalled, checked if this occurs on other computers. When I create an empty project it does not happen. It seems to only happen with pre-existing projects.

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Here is a video of the issue I’m having. I load Cubase 13 and show how the arrow keys work as they should, then I close that project (Cubase 13 is still open) and load the same exact file. You’ll see how the arrow keys now default to Object Selection.

Cubase 13 Arrow Key Issue

Just wondering if anyone would be willing to test this on their system? Thanks

I see the same as you, but I have a feeling it’s an intentional change.

Thank you @steve for the reply here and in the Nuendo forum.

EDIT: I have a hard time believing this is an intentional change. Please report this to the developers because it is clearly a bug.

I have the same issue happening. Cubase 13 on Windows. I use the arrow keys for the same. And after having Cubase open a while, or after closing a project and loading a new one, it starts happening. I’ve been using Cubase about 20 years and never dealt with this issue. It’s frustrating. Restarting Cubase fixes the issue until it happens again. I’ll write to Cubase support as well.

It’s also the Up And Down Arrows that get erased - I use those for right and locator stuff. Please fix!

Thanks @cinematree for confirming this. I, too, have the up/down arrow key issue as well .

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This was not fixed in the Cubase 13.0.20 update

Confirmed here too. Not fixed. Was hopeful when I saw in the release notes something about a key command fix, but it’s still happening :frowning:

I confirm, and so all shortcuts using arrow keys are not working.
Version 13.0.21 - Build 181 - Windows 11