Cubase 13 SSL UF1 Controller Lag

Since installing Cubase 13 I’ve noticed that my SSL UF1 controller has been lagging when scrolling through tracks using the channel encoder on the UF1. I also noticed that while scrolling the fader channel meters were freezing, but went back to normal behaviour when scrolling stopped. This is not the case in Cubase 12 where scrolling is fluid and instantaneous, and doesn’t effect the meters. And top of this I’ve also noticed the CPU spikes & dropouts when opening Cubase 12 projects, that were not doing that in Cubase 12. It’s possible Cubase 13 is using much more CPU pushing it to the limit when opening a plugin heavy project, or it could be how Cubase 13 is interacting with the SSL 360 software and plugins, or none of the above, all I know is that I’m not seeing the same in Cubase 12. Has anyone else that owns the SSL UF1 or UF8 noticed the same lag in responsiveness in Cubase 13 compared to Cubase 12?

FYI I’m on PC Win 10, i7 6700k 32GB, M.2 SSD.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

I’m afraid, if you have performance issues, also the UF1 behaviour could be affected.

Sorry, just updated my post with the specs. The thing is, I’m not having performance issues in Cubase 12, but you’re right, if Cubase 13 is spiking the CPU, then it will effect the UF1.


Try to go thru these posts, to read more about Cubase 13 spikes, please. Is it the same on your side?

I’m actually following the thread at the top. I’m just interested to see how many other SSL controller owners are experiencing the same.

for me, installing the SSL meter plugin saturates the asioguard