Cubase 13 stuttering/freezing every few seconds

Hey everyone.
I have an issue with Cubase, it started just today and I really have no clue what might have triggered it.
Every few seconds, doesn’t matter whether I press play, browse through samples, record etc - Cubase will just freeze for 1-2 seconds, then release.
Think of this as the equivalent of an FPS drop in a video game, where you’er playing and the screen suddenly stutters.
Weirdest part is, it doesn’t happen on other DAWs, and never happened on Cubase before. It only happens on both Cubase 13 and 12! It’s new to me and i’m very confused.
I tried reducing buffer size, restarting my computer, reinstalling cubase… None of which helped.
If anyone is familiar with this issue, please let me know!
My PC specs are:

CPU: intel core i7 12700KF
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 AORUS ELITE DDR4
GPU: NVidia Geforce RTX 3080ti
RAM: 32gb

You should probably try increasing the buffer size.

Have you tried running LatencyMon?

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My bad, I meant I tried increasing buffer size haha.
And no, I never tried that. Will that help?

It might help finding the culprit.

Okay, this looks like a huge problem. What do you understand from this message?

Check everything that could be running in the background, system related, especially what is related to wifi, USB power, etc. either in your Windows setup or in your BIOS/UEFI.

The wdf01000.sys high latency could be related to any hardware interruption on your system. Beside this, nVidia drivers are well known to go in the way of any audio ‘real time’ tasks, if their installation are not carefully done. So, check also eventual driver updates and install ONLY the driver, not all the garbage that comes with it.