Cubase 13 to Cubase 12 Compatibility Suggestion

I was working on a project on Cubase 13 and then opened it on my laptop which I forgot to update to Cubase 13, so was still on 12. When i opened it, i noticed the sampler basses i’d made sounded totally different because Cubase 12 sampler doesn’t have the spectral warp functions.

I accidentally saved it after wanted to make some changes I needed to do and that then undid my work with the spectral settings from 13.

I know this is human error yes, but is there any possibility there could be a compatibility warning added when opening a project to say that certain features aren’t available and maybe state the feature thats not available in a list, like it does with missing plugins etc?


I would open the “C12” project in Cubase 13 (to get the version I made in C12). Then I would use the Import from Project feature, load the C13 project and import the Sample Track and replace the one in the C12 project (to get the C13 version of the Sample Track).