Cubase 13 too bright

I have issues with brightness on computers with my eyes. Just upgraded to Cubase 13 and all the colors are too bright now. Is there any way to lower the brightness of all the Colors? As of now I can’t use it for any length of time because I’m getting headaches from it being to bright. This was not an issue before. It is way brighter than 12.


Cubase has come with an AUTO setup , you can change everything apart from the font , you can dim all the area’s apart from the meter blackness and the font . Yes the white text is very bright ,hopefully Steinberg will take note and adjust it

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Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to let Steinberg people know because this is a serious issue for people with visual disabilities.

I have a prosthetic eye and need C13 visual adjustments too , yes add a feature request

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I just emailed text support because this is a serious issue.

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Also Leute, das sind persönliche Probleme - die haben doch bei Cubase nix verloren. Und du kannst dir ja dein Profil/Umgebung selber einstellen - stellt euch nicht so an.

I think it’s ok for people to post issues that personnaly affect them. That’s what the forum is for, and the OP is discussing an accessbibilty issue as they’ve perceived it.