Cubase 13 tracks suddenly moves a notch backwards

Suddenly all my tracks are being moved 1 8th/16th notes backwards. I was working on a project when the tracks were not in sync with CDubase. It’s also seems to be individually. Stll all plays in sync, but not triggered by the midi click track. Instead of starting at, it starts at Another at aso. Any help with that?


Didn’t just the main Ruler change? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Any unnoticed change to the tempo map?

The tempo is 100, but it changed to 10.656 by irself.


If the MIDI Notes don’t follow the tempo changed, or means, the MIDI/Instrument tracks are in the Linear Time Base, what is not common.

We still don’t see the main ruler on the screenshots.

Default track time is: "
Skjermbilde 2024-04-08 220720
Follow Transport Main Display"

It has happened to me that sometimes, without being aware, I accidentally clicked on the tempo map without noticing.
Now, I often lock the tempo map to prevent accidentally adding a tempo point.

Try putting the tempo map back to 100 deleting any extra point and see if everything returns to how it was before.


OK, at this screenshot, we can see, it’s Bars+Beats.

Then it must be the accidant Tempo change, plud the fact, your MIDI Tracks are set to the Linear Time base, not Musical Time base.