Cubase 13 transport menu bar issue

Cubase 13 - only way to make place for transport menu seems to be by setting Windows taskbar to auto-hide.
With the transport docked at bottom of screen, it is, in part, off screen.
Not only that, when using the mouse with it, often the Windows taskbar pops up in front of it.
It did not help having it floating, that was in fact worse.
Can you help?

Works as expected here.
You can try not maximising the window - then you can drag the edges to fit the screen.
As for the Taskbar popping up - well, how else should it behave?
Is that Windows 11? Get one of those utilities that allows you to move the Taskbar to the top of the screen.

I have found out something. It think the display settings has something to do with it. Setting the display settings scale to 100% makes everything fit on screen. Tiny fonts though, not really readable.