Cubase 13 UI Focus issues (MacOS)

I have the latest Cubase 13 release (13.0.20) installed.

It is difficult to write a regular bug report for this as this problem manifests itself in different places of the UI.

Basically what I do to notice these problems is:

  1. Start working in a project
  2. Add audio files to the timeline, edit them, cut them
  3. Record some Midi, then render in place, cut and edit
  4. Try to use the keyboard shortcut to record midi
  5. Select an audio event and then go up in the properties bar to click and drag on the Volume value to increase/decrease volume
  6. Try searching for audio files in the sidebar browser and then use the arrow keys to cycle through the search results

What should happen under normal circumstances:

  1. Volume increase/decrease (and other properties) should work with a simple drag
  2. Recording shortcut should simply start cubase recording
  3. Using the arrow keys to Cycle through the search results does not cycle through the results, instread, it highlights the cubase tracks for some reason

Instead, what happens is:

  1. Drag does not do anything, it feels like the “focus” of this UI element has been taken away by something else, I don’t know exactly what
  2. The arrow keys should cycle through the search results in the sidebar and not switch through the audio/instrument lanes

Somehow, this issue has appeared only recently despite me using the newest update of C13 since a couple weeks ago. Inbetween, I

  1. updated all my Arturia and also some NI plugins
  2. Installed the Mediabay and eLicenser update

Usually, the problem goes away as soon as I restart Cubase, but then after a short while, the issue crawls back.

As of now, I am completely clueless what causes this. It would be great if someone could chime and confirm this.

I will follow up with a video as soon as it happens again.


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How many screens do you use and what is their setup? How is/are the other screens (of there is any) connected (HDMi/USB)? Is the Project window placed on the main (from the system point of view) screen or other screen?

I am using just one big (4K) screen via a Display Port dongle. Indeed, I just recently switched from HDMI to DP - could this be the reason?


If you didn’t have the issue before, it might be a way to investigate.

I did some heavy testing and I can only report that I haven’t encountered any of these issues in a week! Will keep this thread updated if it happens again!

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