Cubase 13 UI Improvements Very Useful

I installed Cubase 13 demo. I like the revised UI. Clean, simple and concise. I really like the new mix console and especially the track names which now appear near the top of the screen. Vast improvement, especially the hi dpi piece which now renders properly at all zoom levels. Thanks Steinberg


I agree. Initially I was kind of meh about the changes. But after using it for awhile I’ve grown to really like it a lot. Not even sure why, but it makes it much easier to locate and use different elements, especially in the MixConsole.

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There were some sensible decisions made. Yeah.

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Agreed, exactly my experience as well.

Oh yeah, i was a frustrated at first but having used it for some time now it feels quite nice. Tweaking the default theme colors a bit also solved the all-white text in tracks.

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