Cubase 13 - UI Inconsistency in light theme? (Request)

Hi All,

I just upgraded to Cubase 13 and I am very satisfied with the new features and attention to aesthetics this version brings - I’m a sucker for light themes in my DAW and I was quite surprised and pleased to find that some of the buttons/toolbars now change colour depending on how light/bright you set your theme colour, which is awesome - However this seems like it was mostly introduced into some of the newer changes like the new mixer design/overhaul and Channel (On the far left), instead of consistently done across the entire interface…

It looks like white buttons will change to black for the toolbar at the top/bottom and some other parts of the interface. but the icons on the tracks and mixer channels will stay white:

Now, here is my question/request - First of all, what happened to the black track type icons that is all over the marketing videos and recorded material from before November? You can see an example on the small window at the bottom-right of the screenshot above.

It looks like this was scrapped before release? I personally prefer those black track icons for both dark and light theme… Can we at least get the option to change it from white to black and vice versa, please?

Also, would it be possible to change most of the white icons/buttons to black like in the Tool Selection bar and Transport bar? It would make it a lot easier on the eyes, as the lighter you go in colour, the harder it is to see white on light grey, and it would make the interface seem more consistent in general. I think both the track buttons and mixer buttons like Solo, Mute etc. would benefit greatly from this.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Steinberg for great improvements to 13, I am quite happy so far. :slight_smile:

Hi, I would also prefer that black track icons and can’t find where to switch them from white to black. And one more thing you didn’t mention what they have in pre november promo videos. Track selection was white on the left side where’s normally colour. And slightly moved to the right. Selection was at least 30% better visible.
Please bring it back cause both things are better!