Cubase 13 - Undo doesn't work with "Disable Selected Tracks"

Hey, this looks like a bug. It’s different from previous Cubase versions behavior.

Here’s what happens:

  1. Create a couple of tracks.
  2. Disable one of them
  3. Hit Undo.


  • disabled track is activated back.

Undo action doesn’t bring back the disabled track. Instead, an action, that was done before disabling the track is undone (in this case, you will see one track dissapear, because the action being undone is creating a track).

Windows 11, Cubase 13.0.10


It works the very same way in Cubase 12.0.70. The Disable function is not part of the Undo History.

Oh, you’re right. Weird that I didn’t notice this behavior before and still kinda weird to have it work this way. Anyway, cheers.

  • Piotr