Cubase 13 unstable daw

another day another cubase 13 crash. Surely the most unstable of all cubase releases.

Cubase 13.0.30 64bit 2024.7.7 (1.1 MB)

seriously considering ending all ties with cubase, wasting a lot of time with this, it has been four months and still no indication of cause.

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Hello! Can you describe scenarios when you got crash?
And also, did you try reproduce same scenario with stock plugins ?

Cubase is on 13.0.41 now, so you should update.

When I load Halion, when I load software while track playing. Cubase crashes, I have to back up after each recording I do.

You’re on an old version.
If you don’t update you will never know if the problem had been fixed.

Also, you should try the most basic of troubleshooting steps, starting Cubase in safe mode with disabled prefs.

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