Cubase 13 upgrade, which one?

I am currently running Cubase Elements , my shortcut says Cubase LE AI Elements 12. I wanted to upgrade to Elements 13 and worked out that I needed to pay £42. I downloaded the software but when I enter my code it says no license held for previous version. I have contacted Steinberg but wondered if anyone here could tell me what I have done wrong. cheers

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which license can you see in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

My current activated license says Cubase Elements 12. Thanks for your response


Then go for this update:

Your update is only £25 GBP. The £42 is to upgrade from LE or AI.
Hopefully they will refund you and you can order the correct one.

They all use the same installer which is why the shortcut lists LE AI Elements, the license is what governs which features are active.

Many thanks guys, much appreciated.