Cubase 13 User issues

I am getting used to the look of the mixer, although selecting colours has me confused. It must be like the issue I had with panning where you have to click in the black area to select the type of panning you want…
I am getting fed up with the constant crashing on shutdown and the lack of saving to the project assistant and having to locate the correct CPR/Bac file.
I do try to be positive, but I do not feel that I have got my moneys worth with this version. So many little issues and changes that I am not keen on… C12 was much better for me.


One way to think about this is like OS updates. As you may know, it’s not recommended that any of us update to a new version of an OS until it later recieves patches and updates.

Now, I’ve never considered that approach with DAW versions but that may be the best approach with Cubase. In fact, maybe we’ll need a few more v13 updates (although I’m not currently dealing with crashes).

For comparison, I used to do more web development and there is a platform called Drupal. Whenever a new version came out, it was evidence that the previous version must be the most stable. Many devs would choose to stick with a previous version as a result.

Maybe that’s something we should consider.

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I do agree. However, I often start a new song with the newest version so as to see how it works. If I get on with it I try a project I have finished and create a new version and see if I have issues with that. That is where I currently am. with it. Not incline to move any sensitive projects over. Thank you for your comments.

I am not someone who expects Cubase New to be peachy and I always expect problems. I have not lost any work.
Shut Down crashes - And not saving to project assistant doesn’t seem to affect the bacs as I am able to get back to where I was when I last shut down. Well apart from the time wasted. As long as you save before you shut down!

I’m still reserving final judgement but have downloaded & installed the Cubase Pro 13.0.20 trial. I have a rarely used v12 Cubase but to date have used Nuendo 12 mostly. Thinking of shifting of to Cubase Pro 13 becuase I rarely use the extra Nuendo features these days …

But, apart form the various UI complaints etc here, the main thing I found was what a hassel it has been to get the thing going from scratch. OK, so I went with the expected install approach [Mac OS 14.2, 2019 Mac Pro] by installing and letting it pull in the previous Cubase 12 preferences and templates. Net outcome: hopeless; won’t load old projects or templates correctly, crashes all the time, etc etc.

So the next thing as per previous experience is to trash the Cubase 13 prefs, move the C12 prefs to the desktop and start afresh. Goes on forever, needs to cache the plugins all over again etc. Throws a whole lot of perfectly good /latest Native instuments plugs in the black list and so on. The all of the audio IO needs to be set-up an labelled all over again, ditto the control room - all of which is fiddly & lengthy considering a fairly complex audio IO setup here & used for OTB mastering (2 x antelope devices, 1 x Apollo device, aggregate audio IO etc).

In any case the bottom line is - apart from general usability, UI, CPU use etc - the set-up time is pretty outrageous & unacceptable (in 2023). Really, are we all meant to watch endless status bars for hours and hours on end while we get the thing going? I’m not so sure I can be bothered anymore, who cares? C12 is fine really.

This paid update should be doing a LOT better than this, should be realtively seamless really & can think of a number of other DAWs where this is certainly the case. In fact, Steinberg are the only company I can think of off the top of my head, where this endless install BS still goes on and on like this (well, OK, maybe Digital Performer) but no such issues seem to exist in Logic, Live, Reaper, Pro Tools for example.

Maybe Steinberg programmers just love watching & waiting status bar indicators go by for hours & hous and all cheer & have a beer hen its finished, who knows? But in the real world, surely, musicans want to get on with making music.

Think I’ll wait on this one for now. You need the patience of Jove to get it going and really need to start the setup from scratch.


I have gone back to C12 and am much happier making music without the issues
It would be nice to feel tha I have not wasted money on C13 and that the Crash Dump I posted on another threat might mean something even if no one can tell me what lurked in them. I would love to know if it is a fault in my system. However, spoiler alert C12 works fine. so back to the other forum.

Have spent a few days now on getting the thing going (and from C12 and/or using some N12 projects).

Seems to me that many of the new features are quite nice & I personally don’t have too much of a gripe with the UI, fonts etc. I aslo appreciate some of the new plugs, Simple etc, etc.

Haviing got that out of the way, the most consistent bugbears seem to be in the audio driver use and opening or importing older projects (& this behaviour is not necessarily about certain 3rd party plugins, tho’ still baffled why some latest version Native Instruments plugins are blacklisted. Bizarre.)

Loading old templates can be problematic, hangs or crashes.
MacOS Sonoma 14.2 is a bit of a dog anyway, loses drivers, sometimes won’t mount 4x4 Sonnet M.2 PCIE, buggers the aggreate audio settings… I ntotice that re-booting into Monterey 12.x & everything works a lot lot better.

Having said this:
C13 often hangs if I change sample rate (eg, 48k up to 96k);
The audio setup, if I change this to saved presents or import same from a C12 proect with correct local I/O, C13 will often play no sound at all, very annoying & there appears to be no good reason for that. Sometimes corrects after a reload or OS reboot;
Yes, the system overhead still seems to want a lot & the only way I can make this behave near correclty is to have the buffers set to max.

Overall, my main issues appear to be with the audio drivers, control room and audio routing in general Sometimes is good, many times is not.

Hi @silhouette

sorry to hear about your bad experience with Cubase 13. Could you send me all related DMP/IPS files in PM so that I can see what the root causes are?

Thank you


Another annoying issue is the lack of the VST3 symbol - short horizontal lines. I have just upgrades to UAD 11 and amazingly it has substituted the 2.4 versions with the Vst3 version and kept the same settings. However, I also have the Spark native versions. There is no way to tell the difference between the various versions


I installed C13.0.10 immediately when it became available. I don’t particularly like or understand the download and/or install assistant procedures, nor the difference between my steinberg shop and steinberg user account, but I am not experiencing the problems you describe. This is on a Z690 Hackintosh running Monterey. Cubase is about as stable as it was(not great, but usable), I can open older projects no problem.

I tend to steer clear from aggregate devices, the latest version of MacOS and Antelope devices though.

I have something like 1250 third party plug-ins, BTW. Really. So part of the lack of 100% stability in CB is caused by these. Sandboxing would be appreciated.

Thanks but no thanks. I’ve already just wasted quite a bit of time with a paid SoftRAID update for Sonoma that didn’t work & tech support that also didn’t work. Selling products that are not really & instead customers playing beta-testers.

FWIW, this kind of thing has persisted in most past new releases of Cubase & Nuendo for me. Here we do have a more-than -reasonable 2 month trial for Cubase 13 & so perhaps the people who are paid to develop this thing should spend their time on doing that. If & when it works and is ready, then I may purchase.

It also seems to me that unfortunately, vendors have to chase their tail a little when Apple release a new OS that offers little for pros & at the same time tends to break a lot of things in the background. Perhaps once the OS settles down & when we’re at say C13.1?

Yes, so good to see VST3 in UAD finally.

Aggregate devices have worked perfectly for me for a couple of decades now. In fact is the only way to word clock and route correctly in a pro AV studio. And likely is the only real reason we persist with Mac OS given that this particular feature is not at all suitable in Win 11 (incl. VoiceMeeter, Audio Banana, ASIO4All & the rest of the kludges.

The downside is that Apple tend to break many processes in their updates (and continuously change the ‘magic’ rules about everything, eg: Terminal commands), whereas Windows keeps running old apps and rarely breaks stuff. Its just the native audio that is so different.

Sonoma now variously: sometimes wont mount a PCIe RAID disk; it names an Antelope Pure 2 interfacenincorrectly; it wouldn’t update SoftRAID drivers correctly etc. Typical PITA for every new MacOS where they priortise shareholders over customers and last of all, pro customers in audio/ video.

I also suspect some of this is the root cause of some of the C13 issues we’re having.

Aggregate devices have been hit and miss since Snow Leopard, so I am weary of them and prefer other solutions.

What do you mean with ‘the only way to word clock route correctly in a Pro AV studio?’
IME, there’s a central video clock that locks a WC generator that has a bunch of wc outs that feed the gear that needs a clock. Why would one need an aggregate device?

Indeed, Windows sound drivers are messy. If you need to route audio internally from A to B without tons of latency, you will have to rely on third-party drivers that enable this(RME Totalmix comes to mind)

I hate it that Apple disruptively updates its OS all the time. I just upgraded to Ventura after a lengthy test period, but there will still be things that suddenly won’t work etc. I will stay behind with MacOS at least one version, until I am forced to upgrade.

I’m very proud of Steinberg Cubase 13, yesterday I only had to click 8 instead of 10 times until the HUB finally closed :+1:

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This should be fixed in the upcoming version.

And when is the up and coming version ?


In the likeliest case Q1 2024


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In other words you are still implementing the 3 month turn around even thou it is plain to see ( or not if it’s the fader caps ) that C13 is graphically a disaster . Very poor show . 6 months MIN requirement to get GA,Backbone and HALion behaving ? Sorry not good enough for me .

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When using external synthesizers and programm settings via patch script, the programm selection in the Inspector no longer works. After selecting a programm, the complete patch script tree opens and the cursor jumps somewhere. Only after closing and reopening the programm selection do you get back to the selected programm. The selection using the cursor keys no longer works at all. Has Steinberg already recognised or reported this problem? The sound selection is currently completely unusable when editing midi tracks.