Cubase 13 - Very slow w specific tasks

Anyone else noticing that actions like Duplicate track, loading of a plugin, creating a new group is significantly slower on Cubase 13 vs 12?
Looks like Cubase holds for about 15 seconds before completing the action.

Running Macbook Pro M2, 13.3.1, 96 GB Ram


I noticed that too. Seems random, for example if I lengthen a folder or event get a beach ball for about 10 sec. but if I do the same thing again works instantly. Never know when it will hang on any task.
M1 Pro, 32 GB memory, os 13.6.1


Same here on Windows…

Same here, yesterday we worked on a project and everything seemed slow but i couldn’t point out if it was just a feeling or if it was actually slow. Loading the same project in cubase 12 immediately showed improvement in everything. Even loading the first window with the news and the various projects available is extremely slower on cubase 13. I9 7900x with 64 ram and nvme system on windows.