Cubase 13 Video Engine Bug Crash

This is a pretty self explanatory report here:

Essentially, any video I double click on (or F8) in the arranger will automatically HARD crash the session every time without fail. Huge problem in the middle of a project. C12 for now if I need to actually be able to use the program as intended for this project. Big headache. Is this just me?

Here are the PC specs:

*Windows 10
*i7 5820k
*GeForce 1030GT (this has never been an issue in C12)

Hi - that’s not good…

Do you have a crash dump or two you could attach here.? Will really help the devs to try and pinpoint the cause of the issue - whether specific to your system, or something that’s more general in Cubase/video engine itself…

I am trying to upload my “Cubase13.exe.20732.dmp” crash log file, but it’s too large (78mb approximately) and even throwing it in a .zip only got it down to 11mb. Is this .dmp file size irregular?


Use the Dropbox or similar service and share the link.

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I’m surprised though because that doesn’t look like the regular naming scheme we use for our DMP on Windows, but it would be great to upload it to us so that we can immediately inspect it. Thank you!