Cubase 13 VST Plugin image display error

Hi everybody. My Cubase 13 software sometimes has VST plugin errors that display incomplete images, Cubase 10 does not have this problem. There is no way to fix it.

Steinberg has already mentioned about the gui issues

This is unrelated to the graphic glitches in C13/N13. The problem comes from scaling settings, which C10 didn’t support (C10 only rendered its UI 100% and 200%, while C11/12/13 support 25% steps, check for the limitations in C10).

@vituongkaka you can try to click the downward arrow beside the screen-shot (camera) icon and select “Allow window to be resized”. This should force the plugin to display correctly. This should also work if you are using a custom scaling in Cubase (+/-25% or +/-50%),