Cubase 13 weird audio dropout


My old machine died a few weeks ago so have moved things over to my MAC m1 mini for the time being, ive got old projects running off an external ssd and a new saffire 18/20 as interface.

I’ve installed cubase pro 13 and not added any extra plugins yet.

I’m carrying on work on a album project and everything is working quite well.

I’m experiencing 1 issue on 1 track so far, when recording i’ll get a 1 beat dropout, almost in exactly the same place, acoustic guitar, vocals etc, just 1 beat.

Its not that it isnt being played back, the audio waveform is completely flat/silent, just for 1 beat.

I’m sure its either recording to usb ssd, or the interface.

I did swap the cable for the interface for a slightly longer one, although i did keep the length within the recommended.

Anyway any extra thoughts would be welcome


Welcome, @Richdoney

Could you post a screenshot of the arrange page, with the involved audio track and a record done in it, this, with its inspector visible ?

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