Cubase 13 Windows / Mac OS forum tags

It seems the majority of the complaints about Cubase 13 and the horrors of palette colors are coming from Windows users. It might make sense to divide the Cubase category into Windows and Mac OS users?

That’s how it used to be before the Forum changes a few yrs ago, separate forums for each OS, then Steinberg in all their wisdom decided it was a good idea to combine them both together.
Highly doubt they would change it back.

Once again a request to have separate categories for Mac and Windows problems, not just for Cubase 13. It’s like herding cats, which I’ve never done, to sort through the topics to find a Mac-centric problem or solution. 95% of all these user problems seem to be Windows-related.

While there are questions that are platform specific, most topics and questions apply to both.

Depending on users to correctly tag their posts is not really something that would result in people actually doing so.


Please, no!

That whole old organization scheme was a mess, creating a bunch of isolated little islands where information went to get stranded.

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A few years ago? Close to a quarter century. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m pretty sure it happened when Cubase SX replaced Cubase VST. SX had shared code base. That was a painful transition for mac users. I’m guessing the current Cubase still has shared code across platforms. But there are platform specific issues… I wouldn’t mind getting the mac specific category back.

It would be one thing if commenters had an intuitive way of tagging their post by platform, and then readers had an intuitive way of filtering posts based on platform or other criteria. If such a feature exists it’s not obvious to me. I just put the word mac in the heading or the top of my post. I still miss the platform specific categories.

Thanks for reminding me how old I am now :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

as opposed to a giant ocean of confusion…

Can you give an example?

This took me all of 20s to do

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Congratulations, very skillful. Doing that multiple times a day perhaps might get a bit tiresome. The problem still remains.

An example of what?

of this

Don’t want get into a thing, just throwing it out there.