Cubase 13 windows management

I know this issue has already been discussed months ago, but I didn’t find any solution yet.
I’ve been using C13 for a couple of weeks now and, besides noting it is faster than C12 (in my Win10 system) in opening and closing projects, I also found out, less happily, that it is much more… clumsy when it comes to minimize its environment for a while.

With C12 all Cubase related windows can be minimized with a single click on the main title bar, just above the main Cubase menu.
In C13 a similar single click only acts on the open project window, while all the others remain visible and have to be manually minimized one at a time.

The “Minimize all” command in the Cubase “Window” menu leaves many windows open (Channel configuration, VST Instrument, Transport bar…)
Also the Windows Status Bar commands such as “minimize all windows” do not act on all Cubase related windows.

So my question is:
is there any way to obtain from C13, in this regard, the same quick and comfortable behaviour of C12?
Or, if the answer is sadly “no”:
can we hope that a suitable command or option will be introduced in some forthcoming C13 upgrade?