Cubase 13 (Windows) New multi part keyeditor edit/song position still jumps around

I like the effort done with the new “multi part” key editor in Cubase-13, however when I try to focus on an other track by clicking in the visibility pane, the focus does not stay on the current song/edit position - which is kind of confusing again and I find it more easy again to just double click on a selected part from the project window. Is there a setting to tweak this behavior?

Sorry no answer but just confirming I am having the same issue. I edited the wrong midi note a couple of times before finding the problem was the cursor jumping to a different section when making another track visible in the key editor. It is strange but I’m hoping it will be fixed in the future with the many other quirks and weird random behavior of this latest version of cubase 13.
I have started using more of my third party plugins as well because the stock plugins (vst and vsti) GUI glitches horribly but the third party ones don’t. Fingers crossed it’s resolved sooner and not later.

Well after watching the Dom video, it turns out I should not be double clicking on an instrument name but only use the checkmarks toggle before the instrument names and the edit position will stay stable. Learning new things every day.

Well color me red :slight_smile: I had to go open one of my projects to test this and what do you know… ha ha ha… Learning new things indeed. Have a good day.