Cubase 13 wont save as, let me choose a folder for audio export or open a new project

Hey all,

As the title says - thats 3 functions not working.

It seems if I leave a project open for a number of hours, its more likely to happen - not sure on this.

The functions not working are:

1… Does not respond to save as.

  1. Does not respond to choosing a folder for audio export

  2. Does not respond to File > open project.

My only solution is to close the project and loose work I may or may not have saved. Potentially this is my laptop/some other software I have. Will start a new project now in safe mode and see how I get on.

Using Mac m1 2020 with RME babyface.


After quitting the project but cubase with still open… I still cannot open a new project.

I have to quit cubase entirely.