Cubase 13?

Is cubase 13 or 12.5 coming out? When??
Will cubase have a well improved and pleasant workflow.
Will cubase make a modern sounds and audio packs??
Will cubase make modern day instruments and plugins like Logic, studio one, Ableton, Fl studio?? An we should be getting the full version of Halionsonics and full version wavelab as well as some analog emulation plugins.
And by the way Halionsonics need and extreme improvement.
Cubase is taking time so long just to release a few improvements.
I use cubase since 2002 and steinberg does not seem to understand or listen to our needs meanwhile it costs to much.
Steinberg needs to understand in which era we belong to. " trap, Afrobeat, Afro trap, electronics etc…
I only use cubase just like an habbit, not fun of it anymore.

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Steinberg does not release information about release dates and features in advance.
If you like the other 4 DAWs so much you should probably just use those.

And thanks for letting us others know in which era we live in.


I gather that I am not in the “we” group.



I have just read similar threads in Studio 1 and Fruity Loops forums, people want “a modern synth like PadShop and some score editing features like WE see in Cubase”

Funny they don’t change daw and upgrade to Cubase…


Grass is always greener on the other side :wink:


I’m definitely not in the “we” group either. The reason there are lots of DAWs is that new ones fit in a niche. That is great and better than making them all over complicated and jacks of all trades. Cubase suites me fine as it is. I don’t want it cluttered up by things which work better in other DAWs


Buy sample libraries , there’s plenty out there for what ever you want to create , Cubase is about workflow with MIDI and audio , not about providing content , even thou they do to fill a gap BUT Cubase is a DAW not a content provider . Also if you learn how to use the built in tools i’m sure you’ll find the sound you need , but im sure you’ll say that’s not your workflow so …that’s up to you . I amongst others exclude myself from your WE category


And what are you using for fun ? :thinking:


I’ll say one thing, it’s a bit exciting to think there may be something new on horizon ! :smile:

Well, at least that’s better than using it like a hobbit, appropriate only if you use the truncated Cubase AI version.


Also nowhere near the ‘we’ crowd here… Started using Cubase in 1998, it’s just fine the way it is.

Modern instruments and plugins?? Did you miss all of the included content with it? As a Logic Pro owner, I don’t see anything in Logic that Cubase is lacking except maybe the sampler part of it. And I was happy to buy Halion because it does quite a bit more than Logic’s free EXS24/Sampler (to be honest every other sampler in the world always beat EXS24)…

All the people whining ‘i’VE beEn usINg CuBASe for yeARS whEN Is iT GoinG tO DO wHAt I wAnt’, jeez man, move on already or shut up and figure out how to use the program you bought and make it work for you. After 20 years you would think you would have figured it out by now.


I use Studio one and Fl studio to make my beat, and i feel great using them.

I don’t need to buy them I have better audio sample packs in studio one +, Fl studio, and some times in logic.
I only use cubase for mixing because of its channel strip, i’m used to it, and i’m one of those guy who believes cubase will make big improvement everytime they release.

Oh yeah they are many of them!!!

It depends which genre of music you do.
By the way the “we” represents those who left cubase for for the other daws and those who are really thinking about leaving.
Cubase might end up like pro tools.
Instruments plugins are complely out of date.
I only use cubase for mixing.

Well other daws do provide contents.

I’m not gonna lie, I thought the OP was being sarcastic at first.

What?! You’re listing a couple of really niche genres and expect Steinberg to cater specifically for those?
Also, Afrobeat has been around since the 60s. As much as I love Fela et al. it doesn’t really belong to this era of music, does it?


I feel your pain but it’s bigger than what you think it should be. I love my Cubase elements. It provides me as a producer all that I need. I can complete and mix an entire project with ease. You just need to learn your DAW. Cubase has so many hidden gems in it and its easy to manipulate. The one thing I miss and wish they never took away from element was the ability to adjust the Ch. Strip/EQ window. I run 3 monitors and dedicate one to this and my Analyzer. I have to adjust my monitor ratio just to allow my eq /ch. strip to fit where I need it. I would also like multi export in elements. I could always upgrade but something some important to the use of the DAW should be available on all levels. I understand the extra effects and vst instruments but come on now! I could upgrade but I have no need to as I don’t need all the bells and whistles, just the basics to do what I need and multi export and re sizable eq/ch.strip should be available to elements. I could ask for render in place or direct routing!? Also an important tool for mixing and mastering. Should be available on elements as well. Ill be happy with any one of those.

Yeah sure, makes sense.

There was a lot of features implemented in the last years, things the community requested, which wasn’t like that before. Also when looking at other production tools and how much they cost, of which most are going the subscription route, then it definitely doesn’t cost much. Especially if you then buy it on a sale or as a student and even more so if you don’t need the Pro version and can get away with the Artist or even Elements version.

Yes they do already. Bread and butter digital EQs, Compressors and several other tools are included in Cubase and they do as well as any other stock plugin out there. Thats basically all you need for mixing. For everything else there are countless free options available or plugins you can buy on top of that.

While I agree, that there have to be done improvements in several different areas (I have opened dozens of feature requests, issue reports, etc.), what you wrote here seems like a troll post (well its also your first post here), from someone new to the community or even Cubase itself, who just came to blame without bringing anything constructive to the table or having good arguments at all.

And to conclude:

Yeah, the one where everyone can spread any nonsense in the internet anonymously? Thanks for the reminder.


Although Cubase can drive me up the wall with bugs sometimes, nothing much else bothers me.

In all honesty, Cubase is a phenomenal program in terms of what it offers. The functions are seemingly endless and it can do pretty much anything to do with music production.

I have been working as a professional composer for films for over 10 years, and there is no other program that can give me the functions it does.

To echo other fellow Cubase users here, the program is not offering content. Anything that comes with it is just basic stuff.

You can’t seriously suggest that you will buy a program of that calibre and expect it to have £5,000 worth of libraries added, within the price of purchase, including full versions of all Halion and any other libraries.

I never expected that.

Even so, I found some stock synths to be extremely useful. Heck, Padshop is also awesome.

I bought my own libraries that use their own “instrument plugins” i.e. East West’s ‘Play’ and Kontact and as of late Soundpaint by 8DIO.

Not to mention incredible sound production plugins that are simply as good, if not superior to 3rd part plugins, all thrown in with the original purchase.

If it’s not enough for you, by all means, use another DAW that offers what you need.