Cubase 14 wishlist

Info line?

Guys, is it me or when one minimises the size of the channels/tracks and then increases the size of tracks to a desirable size, why on Earth, when one opens the automation on that track, automation stays really small???

I don’t know if I am missing something, but it annoys the hell out of me!!!

Hi Johnny,
what do you mean with “Info line?”

I just wonder if you cannot already do what you ask for by using the Info Line?

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Got it, thanks !

OK, my turn…

  • Fix some UI strangenesses like this one.
  • Make Instrument Tracks CC7 automatable (where is CC7 in the Add Parameter > MIDI Channel > All CC options ?).
  • Make the Sample Editor behave as the other ones (missing Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors function, missing tab in the lower zone).
  • Add an option that would allow us to avoid the creation of a part when glueing two audio events.

EDIT : and, of course, I forgot the essential one (for me) : preserve the VST 2.4 compatibility.


Reinstate insert slot numbers on automation tracks as reported here.

Tome 2… :grin:

  • Implement the “Ripple edit” function : this one has been the subject of countless FR in the past. It’s really time to implement it, as the range feature still doesn’t allow it, contrarily to what one could expect.
  • Edit > Preferences : add a search function. How many times I had to browse several items and sub-items of the preferences list to find a given setting ? And, each time, it takes a while, unless using a PDF Reader and its search function, starting from page 1390 of Cubase Operation Manual…
  • Grid : implement distinct horizontal and vertical lines color settings. To avoid the spreadsheet look of the arranger view, I have to keep the grid color to something almost invisible : I haven’t found something more efficient to keep ONLY the vertical lines displayed.
  • Arrange view : in the same league, it would be easier on the eyes to be able to dim a little the horizontal automation lines, or make them appear with a specific color.
  • Studio > Audio connections : it would be helpful to keep somewhere the Expand All status of a given panel, this, to avoid the need to reuse this button each time this window is re-opened…

At the risk of repeating my self:

  1. NAMED CCs.
    Yes, I’m shouting.

I need CC custom names too.
But we would need an option to save all name changes from 0 to 127 as a file. So we could select later the right file for the instrument.

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A new UI global list editor like the removed Project Browser…
Sad that this has to be requested now… rolls eyes

Indeed. This is probably why it won’t get implemented.
Unless it all got saved with the project.

Now that we have Windows windows and menus, maybe we can have the underscores back in said menus. Going for the first letter in the menu item only works if that first letter is unique - often it isn’t. EG In the Hub there is a “Remove” item and a “Rename” item.

  1. ADD AI VOCAL (maybe cooperation with “suno ai”)
  2. ADD MULTI TOUCH SUPPORT FOR TOUCH SCREEN MONITORS (Many people have asked and requested this, so I don’t know why this is a problem, it can be done without gestures for a start… If the problem is Slate Audio or you have some kind of agreement with them, it would be fine if you tell us that, so they know that we don’t expect anything.)

Inverse Mouse wheel (for scrolling).

I don’t ask for much :wink: It can be done in SpectraLayers but not in Cubase. Now I have opposite scroll direction in both SL (preferred) and Cubase (opposite) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

you can usually get utilities that will let you set custom scroll wheel behaviours for each application.

Please not again. You are on Mac, you don’t have that issue. Good for you. You do not know what we PC folks are going through.
March 17 and March 18, this exact thread.

X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) is a free tool for Windows that allows you to re-configure and remap mouse buttons to expand the capabilities of your mouse.

And some others:

Sigh, once again: Any such tool would switch the mouse wheel behaviour for the entire application. So in order to fix the scroll direction we would break everything else that has to do with the mouse wheel. Therefore such tools are not a solution.
Only Steinberg can fix this BS situation.

Why do you keep giving this poor advice?


I have already enough of such apps because I’m using the same keyboard for two computers: 1 PC and 1 Mac. I had to change several keys to have the same shortcuts on both computers in several different apps.
I’m not going to install another app just to change 1 function in 1 program. Also those apps are changing behaviour for the entire program and I just need change for horizontal scroll in the arrangement window.