Cubase 14 wishlist

Plugin Manager and Plugin Collections do not suit you well?

Please, adding vu-meters for professional gainstaging

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yes! although since this has been asked for here on the form for a decade now (really!) I don’t have much hope.

I would appreciate an option to start recording using a note, any note, from my guitar or keys.
Triggering just the record start option which would start precount then real recording.
Sometime when your guitar is far from PC it is annoying to leave your mediator and position on neck and strings just to go and push on the start record key then come back, re position the guitar and our hands, the mediator and be ready to start playing. Pre count, to keep short to avoid being annoyed, is actually not really adapted. I use punch in/punch out with a larger area to play before but not totally satisfying as I also need to start play from PC keyboard.

Not exactly the ProTools way, but inserts and sends are quickly accessible via channel controls also in Cubase 13: The new Channel tab - I dont get it - its inspector x2 - #21 by valsolim

Good idea! And it could be extended even further by enabling to place an arbitrary plugin on the send point.

you can use the * or R key on your keyboard to start recording.

I think you can also set up a sustain pedal to act as a trigger to start recording too.

Any MIDI event. In fact, with something like TouchDAW (android app, something similar is bound to exist for the Apple iOS ecosystem too) you could even use your cell phone or tablet these days if your DAW PC is on a WAN.

Currently you can use a legacy generic remote to set up the event(s). It can also be done in Cubase 12 and 13 through the newer ‘surface controllers’ (eventually surface controller scripts will replace the legacy system).


I know, should I push them with my foot :wink:

Could you detail ???
Using the generic remote seems over complicated just to ask ‘record’, and it limits the usage of midi as general input…

You could use something like this if you don’t want to use a MIDI device. : USB Foot Pedal

Yes, thanks, I have seen a YT video to install a Nektar pedal as the ones you selected. Doable but what a mess for just one midi signal, it could be far more easier with just un handler in the incoming midi flow from windows (my focusrite).
But my request is to simply have an easy way to start recording when you are alone and playing a guitar (I have found several identical requests on this forum). The first and easiest way is to play a first note, second is using a midi footswitch, but we already have so many of them :wink: .

I would like a Mediabay that works.
I don’t it’s too much to ask for.

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We can have two video tracks. I wish we could play each video on different screen simultaneously. Maybe two independent video player, or the possibility to assign a video track to a screen.

Sadly, this is not going to happen because “two video tracks” is a feature of Nuendo :smirk:

My wish.
Streamline the creation and management of instrument libraries, and a simplified keyswitch creation process. Nod toward a drag and drop system from the vst to create expression maps please… :violin:


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Out of interest, why would you use two video tracks?

As I said, Cubase already has two video tracks.

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“Out of interest”. Your mind is set.
Why should I explain for people who already knows everything. Especially if the point is already said is the suggestion.
Maybe we can do more things with cubase than audio and midi recording?

Oh, sorry, you’re right, I didn’t know that :blush:
However, looking at the documentation, the “two video tracks” capability was added relatively recently - in Cubase Pro 12.

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Blimey, sorry I asked dude…it was a genuine question, you didn’t have to bite my head off…when did I say I know everything? take a chill pill…:roll_eyes: