Cubase + 2 Uaudio Appolo’s - sync problem with slave

Hi, maybe someone knows whats going on and can help me.
I think it is a setting in Cubase (now running 12 but had this problem earlier)
Cubase and 1 Apollo gives no sync problems.
Cubase with 2 Apollo’s: the slave apollo gives a sync problem. When i use a monitor output on the salve, it gives sometime a sync drop so the audio stops. What is the best setting in Cubase to solve this (power/asio/etc). Thanks

Are you slaving the Apollos via thunderbolt? Make sure to have your “clock” settings in order:

I am not using Apollos, but other different interfaces as an “Aggregate device” on my Mac. Sync will fail if I haven’t checked “Drift” for the “slave” interface.

Hi, yes i have. the problem was also with firewire and now with thunderbolt. Al the hardware is checked And the dropouts are once in the 5 a 10 minutes and looks random. Thats why im looking now in the cubase settings. Even with internal or external clocked

Can you provide more information about your settings?