Cubase 3.55 file

Greetings. I hope somebody can help, or point me in a direction to get help.

A fine friend and composer has a Cubase 3.55 file, and a few things happened. The PC this was installed on died, Cubase 3.55 does not seem to run properly under newer operating systems. I tried to build him a W95 machine, but failed, and now his dongle has gone missing. He has an important tune locked up in an old file and wants to get the score printed.

Is there any way to convert/update the file? Is there anybody out there that is running an old version that may be able to get at and print out the score?

Does anybody have advice?

Any help most appreciated.

Glad I am not an user of Cubase nor any Steinberg products - this community sucks. Not one response, no help, no advice nadda. Thank you all for nothing. I posted on Gearsluz - a very nice person in London England helped out, files converted, PDFs made, and she refused payment.

I’m outa here… :cry:

I have to agree.
I posted a Cubase 6.5 question a few years ago about jittering in audio, which is a much less specialised topic.
I got absolutely nothing from the English-language forums.
However, the same post on the German-language forums and got an immediate reply.
This led to a useful exchange and lots of practice at German technical-speak.