Cubase 3 Automatic Shut Off

Hi All,

I’d like to control some of my AUv3’s with an app called ChordMaps (midi controller) but when switching to ChordMaps, Cubase shuts off and I’m forced to load the whole instance back up again. Is there a way to shut this feature off and allow the app to keep running in the background? My settings allow for background sound to play but I don’t see anything else that would help in the settings page. Someone please help.

I appreciate your help!!

Hi Novicane,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, we’re not equipped with ChordMaps.
I’ve tried to get in touch with Mugglinworks to exchange with them, but could not find any contact on their website or the App Store product page.

Does the app provides a support contact?


Hi Lars,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I don’t see a specific email address for support, however they do list as an email address listed on their site. I’m sure you’ve already tried that. I didn’t realize it was on their end not yours. ChordMaps works with BM3, which is why I thought it was the DAW not the midi controller.

Hopefully this gets resolved somehow, not sure if that’s a reality.

Hi Novicane,

Thanks for your message, dropped them a message.