Cubase 32 bit and 64 bit on same license?

If I wanted to install both Cubase 6 32 bit and Cubase 6 64 bit side-by-side (same DAW), would I be able to run them both (e-Licenser present with Cubase 6 License)?

I would use 32 bit for any 32 bit VSTs and 64 bit as the main.

Is this possible?

Aloha S,

Speaking from a Mac P.O.V.

I needed to install only one version of Cubase 6
on my computer and then decide (before running it) if I want
it to boot into 32 or 64 bit. (the ‘dongle’ will ‘see’ either)

You did not list what gear you are using but there
probably is something similar on the PC side as well.

I may be wrong but
you will probably not have to install two different versions of Cubase.

HTH (hope this helps)


Yes, I have both 32- and 64-bit installed on my PC and the license covers both. These days the bridging support (for running 32-bit VSTs in 64-bit Cubase) works reasonably well, so I find I rarely have to run 32-bit Cubase 6.

The beauty of the license is that you can run whichever one works best !



What Curteye said unfortunately only works for Mac. On PC, you have to install both versions separately, on mac they are 1 and you can just choose if you want to start in 32 or 64.
But the license will work with both indeed.

On PC, you have to set all settings separately. So you have to set your own foders for VST plug-ins (if you are using custom folder), setting in preferences, etc. Because, those are two versions of Cubase (32 and 64-bit). On the Mac this is only one version, so you can set it once.

Ma Bad!

But there is a silver lining.
Over the past year because of the new structure of this board,
I am learning a lil about PC stuff here and there.
I now add this thread to the list.

Tanx guys and Mahalo