Cubase 32 bit Crashes when i go over 3 gig Ram in Win 7/64

Greetings, using Cubase 6.04 32bit / Win 7/64… 8 gig ram…

Whenever my sessions hit the 3 gig limit, it crashes. My understanding was that 32bit Cubase could see 4 gig ram under Win 7/64? I will make the jump to 64bit Cubase at some stage, but for now i’d like a solution. Anyone else have a similar problem? I have task manager running and every time there is a crash and can see Cubase using over 3 gb at the time.

Many thanks!


Asus P8/z68 - Intel i7 2700k. SSD’s.

Yes, Cubase will crash when using more than 3GB RAM. Three ways round it:

  1. Use the 64bit version
  2. Use J-Bridge
  3. Use Vienna Ensemble Pro


Thanks DG, might take the plunge to 64. Does the 64 bit install work completely independently to the 32 bit version? Can i keep my 32 bit vst plugins folder intact and un altered by j-bridging? I Hope my UAD cards run happy on 64.

You should keep the 32bit and 64bit plugs separately anyway. AFAIK you will have to bridge the UAD because they are only available in 32bit.