cubase 32 bit vst installer?

Hi there,

I am trying to find the installer for 32 vst’s into a windows 7/cubase 64 bit system… I understand I need this to install the likes of xphraze, darbuka, latigo etc… but I can’t find it!

Is it still available?


I am about to upgrade from cubase 5.5 (32 bit) to 6 (64 bit)
but I cant not do with out latigo and darbuka they have become indespensible to my composition /preproduction process

have you found a solution for this yet?

if so please let us all know

much appreciated

Hi there,

I just noticed you left a comment on my thread about the 32 bit installer. So just to let you know that I have darbuka and latigo running fine in my windows 7 cubase 6 64 bit system. the built in vst bridge worked fine and install was painless!

the only problems I had was with ‘waves’ plugin’s… I had to download jbridge for those

hope this info helps you out bud!

There is nothing at all to stop you installing both 64 and 32 bit versions on the same system.
Works just fine.