Cubase 4 (4.5) How to upgrade to 9.5 or 10?

Hi folks.
First post here. I have Cubase 4 with a USB dongle (key).
I`m buying a new PC now and want to upgrade - how do I do it and what will it cost?

All help appreciated :slight_smile:


First you check, which version you actually have - 4 or 4.5, then you buy the update from that specific version.
The cost obviously will depend on where you are located and where you buy from, and can be found by yourself by looking in your preferred (online) store yourself.
Buying itself should be self explanatory, and might also depend on where you buy from, but if you manage to buy a new pc, you will certainly also manage to buy a Cubase update.

Hi and welcome Dag,

Cubase 4 and 4.5 was the one license. You can buy the update online here. On the left side select Update from Cubase 4 / 5 / 6 / 6.5. The price is € 299.