Cubase 4.5.2 Win 7 Can't Import Rx2

Hello everyone. I just installed on Win 7 and now can’t import Rx2 files. I get an error that they are not a supported file format. Cubase 4.5.2, Win 7, 24 bit rx2

NOTE: I have installed the latest Shared Library from Propellerheads. This did not change things.

Please help!

anyone? a little help here =)

have you tried installing anything like recycle to see if it will add an associated file , its only a thought , i had this years ago and unless id installed recycle cubase would not recognise the file !

its only a thought !

thanks for the reply. I do have Recycle installed but I installed if after installing Cubase. Would be strange but maybe that is why?

quite possibly have you tried to manually chance the format of the file in the file properties to rex and then open the file ?

no but they are associated with Recycle already. They open directly in Recycle from the file. Just can’t import into Cubase. “File not supported or invalid medium”

ah ok , well i can’t be more help to you . hope someone on here can help you out :confused:

all the best , good luck !

it could be that recycle was loaded after thinking about it , but its a lot of hassle to go through if its not !

anyway all the best !

I too am having this exact same issue!
I’ve just had to reinstall everything as my hard drives died, but I decided to reinstall Win7 64bit and install Cubase 64bit
everything has gone perfectly fine, apart from this hiccup!

rx2 files worked fine before, when I had Cubase installed as 32bit on the 32bit OS I was running

I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything I can think of - is there a fix for this issue!?

when I go to import a rx2 file it just says “Invalid or not supported file”
then when you click “open” it continues to say
“Error: Medium type not supported or invalid medium!”

If anyone finds this and wonders what the solution is - what I ended up doing is installing the Cubase 7 trial…and copying “Rex Shared Library.dll” out of the Cubase 7 Directory…and pasting it into the Cubase 5 directory - it fixed the issue!