Cubase 4 AI midi out problem

Hello everybody, I have a strange issue using Cubase 4 AI. I have a Motu 828 mk3 FW, both midi and audio drivers updated, but still Cubase doesn’t show Motu midi out available in the midi manager list - see the attached file.

The midi set up I want to use is: Roland AX1 --> CME Wi-Di --> Cubase (to pilot) --> Nord Stage.

Another strange issue is that if I use Roland AX1 via midi wire in the Motu midi in I can see midi in activity in Cubase but not the midi out.

Is there someone who can help me? Thank you in advance,

Schermata 2016-05-03 alle 21.04.43.png

I also have a Motu 828 mk2 FW - It’s absurd, I have not this kind of issue with midi!! Just tried it.