Cubase 4 and 5 Dongle

Hi There,
I’m selling my cubase 4 and 5 update as i have 6.5 installed. I did move all my licenses to another dongle after i updated to 6.5, will that person who will buy the cubase 4 and 5 will be able to register again on my old dongle and run the program?

No, without the license, which obviously is now on your other dongle, the softwRe is not usable for anyone. If you sell it, you must sell it with the license.

Thank you for the kind quick reply, What should i to clean up the dongle?

What do you mean by “clean up the dongle”?

I meant was how can i delete the 4 and 5 licenses so that the other person could register and run? on mySteinberg I ahve only cubase 6 registered with the new dongle key.

You can’ t dissolve the license. You bought an update. The update updates your license of the previous version to the license of the new version. Nevertheless you only have one license. That’ s why an update is cheaper than buying the complete package again, in which case you have two licenses…
In your case the other person can not license and run the software without the dongle you are now using to run C 6

Ok i get ya now. by the way thanks a lot and have a nice weekend my friend:)

You´re welcome…

Hi there. Just to carry on with the thread, if I sell my Cubase 4 along with its licensed USB dongle, the new owner will be able to run the programme without any issues?

Is there a need to transfer the e-license to the new owner? If so, how does one go about it please?

Thanks very much!

There´s a “Steinberg software resale wizard” on the Steinberg site in the knowledgebase - look that up, it explains pretty much everything.
Basically you delete your registration in mysteinberg and send the buyer the software with dongle and license on it.

Thanks very much for that! Most helpful indeed.